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How To Succeed Socially

METHOD 1 :Becoming a More Social Person

Get ready to say yes to invitations. Chances are, you've gotten used to rejecting invitations, whether they've come from your neighbors, classmates, or co-workers. Sure, your co-worker Martha's weekly bowling night may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your Friday, but it's better than your current plans...which involve you, a tub of fro-yo, and a 30 Rock marathon. Get used to saying "Yes" to things unless you have a really good reason to say no.
  • Part of this change will come from adjusting your mindset. The next time someone gives you an invitation, instead of scrambling to think of excuses to say no, consider it a positive thing, and think about all of the benefits the experience may have for you.
  • You don't have to say "yes" to a person who you think is creepy or weird, of course. But lets say you think your neighbor Jen is nice but a little boring, and she invites you to a BBQ at her place. Not only could you see that she's more interesting than you thought, but it would be a great opportunity to meet other potential friends.

METHOD 2 :  Starting to Build Connections

Go on dates. Romantic life is part of any social life, whether you've been with the same partner for years or you're just part of the casual dating scene. If you haven't dated anyone in months or years, and it's not because you're heart broken but because you're afraid of making the effort, then you need to start making some changes. Sign up for an online dating site, attend singles events, or ask your acquaintances or friends to set you up; there's nothing wrong with asking for help.
  • Even if the dates don't lead to romance, you may end up making a new friend, or meeting other potential friends along the way.
  • Dating is a great way to put yourself out there, overcome social anxiety, and learn to connect with a wider variety of people. Just don't jump into an obsessive relationship right away, or your social life will get even worse.
  • As you search for a partner, find someone who is social and has lots of friends, so you can meet more people.

METHOD 3 :  Making Relationships Last

 Get more personal. Starting to have a social life is one thing, but if you want to keep your life going, then you have to make your relationships last. Though you should start slow with new friends, and stick to safer topics as you get to know one another, you can't just rehash the same superficial territory if you've hung out more than a handful of time. You need to learn to open up, to reveal a little more about yourself, and let the person reciprocate.
  • Don't reveal everything at once. Start introducing more personal information into the conversation little by little.
  • As you try to build a deeper relationship, you should also think about the activities you do with a person. If all you ever do with a new friend is drink a lot and go out dancing, try inviting the friend to dinner and a movie instead.
  • Invite people in to more spheres of your life. As you develop closer bonds with people, you can invite them to share your hobbies, see your place, meet your brother, or do whatever will help them get to know a different side of you

METHOD 4 :  Use Technology

Get texting on your cell phone. If you have parents that won't pay for it, convince them. Texting is a good way to talk make small talk with people. Many people love to text, but you might not, so make sure you know before you get into the habit of doing it. 
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